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How it all began

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With spending too much time for project management, always reminding our clients and external contractors, we decided we need to so something about it.

We present you octodoo

Octodoo is word play of octopus and todo. Goal is to build best application for collaboration with your clients and external contractors. We do not want to replace your current project management tool, just improve it. So octodoo is an addon for your existing project management tool.

We didn’t want to bother you with asking your IT guys to install some addons for your project tool. In some cases this is not even possible (some cloud limited solutions). That is why we decided to pack octodoo as single application and browser extension. No need to ask anyone, one click and within minutes you can start using it.

The problem

We use multiple project management tools to manage our client work. They work great, we simply create all the tasks with the information and just resolve them. Problem begins when we need to transfer this to our clients and external contractors.

Working for one of our clients, we had to integrate their online store with their external ERP system. We spend tremendous amount of time managing the flow. We first needed to contact the company behind ERP to give us documentation, to enable everything at our client and to teach our client how to use the system. Even if it sounds simple, it’s actually a lot of emails, calls and wasted time.

Similar is with our clients. We believe client must get the best experience, so we try to reply ASAP, give detailed instructions and just step by step include the client in our process. Again, this means a lot of emails and reminding them to do something, or that we need certain information or file, etc.

Octodoo was born

Checking online, we noticed that a lot of people face the same problem. How can they share their project or tasks with their external users without adding them directly to their project management tool.

With octodoo you can simply connect with your PM tool, directly create/update/share tasks and get notified when something changes. Great thing is that your clients or external contractors don’t need to create any special accounts or remember passwords (more about our login system later). They have a clear view of the tasks and what they need to do. At the same time, they can see whole progress. No more sending emails with project status inquiries, everything is solved with octodoo.

They can upload all the required files and all can have clear overview what it’s missing. Because getting information is hard, we have also simple form builder for creating input tasks. Also, if you need quick response, create an action task which has just few big buttons for client to reply and click.

What’s next?

Feel free to signup and try octodoo. We hope you will like it and improve your project management, and most important: make your clients more happy.