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octodoo improves project management with your clients and external contractors

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Everything you need to work with others

Collaborate with your client and external contractors in one easy to use app

installs as your browser addon and extends your existing project management tool
+ your existing (awesome) project management tool

Run your project the right way by having external todo lists for your clients and external contractors

Get the important information you need to complete projects

Get received emails automatically imported, or create task forms to collect structured information.

improve communication import emails task forms store and search files

Share progress with all involved and get quick responses

Everyone involved is informed about progress and notified when something changes.

share progress task actions overview progress notify clients

Have everything automatically updated

We handle all the sync with your project management tool so no more manualy copy-and-pasting or finding that lost email.

automatic sync improve project tool group emails connect with apps

Have everything in one place

Better overview of your client and external contractor progress

How it works?

create tasks with octodoo
step 1

Create tasks

Use your existing project management tool and directly create tasks with forms and quick actions for your clients and external contractors.

give secure controlled access to tasks
step 2

Give secure controlled access

Control who can view and edit what. No need to spend time with managing access rights or upgrading expensive licences to add users to your existing tool.

get information organized
step 3

Get information, organized

Each project has it's own organized view with options to manage tasks. Participants can add comments, upload required documents or mark as completed.

We improve your project management

Most common problems are solved with octodoo

1. Are you afraid of giving your clients access?
Sharing too much information, especially to your clients or external contractors can be scary. With octodoo your simple export or create new tasks and share only what is necessary without jeopardizing the security.
2. Is giving others access to your project management tool too hard?
Giving access to project and tasks is dead simple with octodoo. Just define users, set permissions and your are ready to go.
3. Adding accounts for your clients or external contractors upgrades the licences and adds additional costs?
We all know how additional users to your existing project management tools can dramatically increase costs. Octodoo works without adding extra unwanted users and saves money.
4. Getting information from multiple sources and you have to manually update projects?
Octodoo reads from multiple sources, either directly from our app or from emails. Any action, document or comment is nicely organized directly inside projects and tasks. No more manual copying.

All major project management tools supported

No need for big changes, just install browser addon and you're ready to go

Ready to improve your project management?

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